About Us


We are Christine and Reid owners and makers at Flax and Fire Studio. We believe strongly in the importance of quality handcrafted work and have made a living doing it for almost 30 years. It's no small feat to stay in business for that amount of time - it takes strong determination and good design work to keep things evolving and relevant while maintaining a distinct style.

It all starts with the linen, it is the base for all of our hand-printed designs. It's what gives our work its personality. There is a depth to linen that no other fabric can touch. It's also a sustainable and renewable choice! Both of Christine's grandmothers were weavers in the linen mills of Belfast, N. Ireland (both named Rose).Our prints continue to be casual and timeless.

We have added ceramics to our line up! In keeping with our design style they are simple, textured and well crafted. It's exciting after all this time in business to be adding a new medium. The possibilities are endless with clay and it's been fun experimenting with it! It gives us the capacity to do more design work combining ceramics with textiles. We are most excited about our lamp bases and shades!