Black Sand Hoop Earrings


- Black Sand Series -

The texture comes from a piece of course sandpaper to make them look like it they were found on a beach and worn down by time. It is pressed into the clay. We don't overly refine the pieces - preferring to leave them more organic looking, like a found object.

Our jewelry is made from a black iron oxide clay. It is left unglazed to let the natural texture and organic feel come through. By leaving the clay unglazed the matte finish absorbs the light and creates more shadows and depth. All of the clay shapes are hand-cut, and the brass findings are made in our studio.

Our jewelry is displayed on linen from our textile work. It is also dyed in our studio using iron oxides and tannins. It's a perfect compliment to the jewelry and a great way to use up all our small remnants so nothing is wasted.

4 cm x 4 cm

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